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FNCEE CONSULT has signed a partnership agreement with Cognicert UK Limited , to market Cognicert courses and certification programs in GHANA. #news #press-release #press-conference #partnership #partnerprogram #cognicertuk #cognicertltd #cognicert #certification #ukcertification


Fredrick Badu-Kusi

1/1/20241 min read

COGNICERT signs a partnership agreement with Fncee Consult

"FNCEE CONSULT" has announced a strategic partnership with Cognicert UK Limited to introduce and promote Cognicert's comprehensive range of courses and certification programs in Ghana. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both organizations as they aim to enhance the professional development opportunities in the country.

Through this partnership, individuals and businesses in Ghana will have access to Cognicert's high-quality training programs, designed to develop and certify skills in various industries. The courses offered by Cognicert are recognized globally and are known for their exceptional standards and relevance to the current market demands. As a result of this partnership, FNCEE CONSULT and Cognicert aim to empower professionals in Ghana with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in their respective fields, ultimately contributing to the overall growth and success of the nation.

About Cognicert

Cognicert Limited is a provider of personnel and management systems certification services on a wide range of international standards. As a provider of training, audit and certification services; Cognicert offers its expertise on multiple fields, including but not limited to Quality, Information Security, Business Continuity, Service Management, Food Safety, Health, Safety and Environmental Management. We provide certification services in accordance with ISO/IEC 17021 and 17024.

About Fncee Consult

Fncee Consult is a premier company in Ghana offering a wide range of services including Information Technology (IT) solutions, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Enterprise Business Solutions and a Training and Skills Development.

We offer comprehensive training programs for individuals and corporate clients. including leadership and management, sales and marketing, customer service, and technical skills, Soft skills as well as certification courses .Our vision is to be an agile, customer-centrism and purpose-led company delivering best-in-class technology led business solutions for our stakeholders, providing relevant and innovative industry standard services. visit for more information about our services