Efficient Back Office Support Services for Streamlined Operations

Back office processing is a major drain on time and resources for contact centers. The increasing amount of data being handled overwhelms the operations and personnel, leading to significant delays. If these delays are not properly managed, they can accumulate and create an endless backlog of work that needs to be processed. This is an undesirable situation for any operations

Our suites

Data Management

With an effective data management solution, organizations can ensure that all of their data is unified intelligently, allowing for better access, trust, and control. This is crucial for the success of any business, as efforts to improve customer experience, optimize operations, and transform the organization all rely on the ability to effectively harness data.

Data Entry

Accuracy is of utmost importance in the field of data extraction. We understand the significance of extracting information with precision. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who have undergone rigorous training to ensure maximum accuracy in handling large volumes of data.


Maintaining your books on time is crucial for making informed business decisions. At Fncee Consult, we have a team of experts who specialize in accounting procedures, data entry, mapping accounting codes/cost centers, bank reconciliation, reports, and other accounting activities. We are proficient in various accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB, FreshBooks, Zoho Books, and Tally. Our services include recording income and expenses, conducting daily banking activities, producing financial reports, and reconciling reports with bank statements. We offer different engagement options based on your needs, including project-specific, weekly, and monthly engagements. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can rely on us to keep your books accurate and up to date.

Non-Voice Support

Record keeping of documents, reports, receipts and general data entry services • Preparing reports • Proofreading • Scheduling appointments • Updating CRM or database • Invoice your customers • Follow up on late payments • Content creation for website or social media account • Boosting of business pages on social media platforms • Tracking the interactions (Comments, likes, views) on the social media accounts • Responding to emails • Sorting and storing of data/information • Creating of folders for data storage

IT Helpdesk

Our IT helpdesk services provide technical support and assistance to users facing issues with their computer systems, software applications, and other IT-related problems. These services are designed to troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software malfunctions, network connectivity issues, and provide guidance on using various IT tools effectively. Our Helpdesk professionals are trained to offer prompt and efficient solutions through phone, email, or chat support, ensuring minimal disruption to the users' workflow. From password resets and software installations to diagnosing hardware failures.

Why choose Fncee Consult to
Outsource your Back office Support team?

Scaling up your team requires more than just hiring additional admin/trainers. You also need to invest in enhancing your office space, technology, and other infrastructure to accommodate the expansion. To address this issue, you can cut down on unnecessary expenditures and optimize your budget to ensure a better return on investment (ROI).

If you have valuable business ideas to grow your company but don't want to be burdened with time-consuming support tasks, back office outsourcing services or a dedicated back-office support team can be the answer. By delegating your back-office operations to a skilled and reliable team, you can focus on implementing your innovative ideas and strategies to expand your business.

I ✓ Anytime support:
Our dedicated team of specialists is here to provide round-the-clock assistance to your customers and ensure that any issues they may encounter are promptly resolved with our 24/7 availability

✓ Flexibility:
Our scalable solutions ensure that we can accommodate the increasing demands of your business, providing you with the necessary resources and support to thrive. With our commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and advancements,

✓ Cost-effectiveness:
Our competitive pricing model ensures that you receive top-quality results without breaking the bank. We have streamlined our processes to optimize efficiency, allowing us to deliver outstanding outcomes at a fraction of the cost.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and rapidly grow your team with the support of a reliable back office? If so, congratulations on making the right choice by approaching us! At our company, we understand the importance of efficient back office operations in facilitating business expansion.

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