Intelligent communication system designed for campus environments.

The Campus platform facilitates the enhancement of your communication within the academic community. The education system has experienced significant transformations in recent years, and as a result, the infrastructure and requirements have been met through Calls, Instant Messages, File Sharing and Video Sharing

Increase Productivity Up to 3x

Increase Operational Efficiency

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Auto Phone Bell for Classroom

Our campus communication module facilitates the scheduling of upcoming meetings. In each classroom, an IP Phone serves two primary functions.

  1. Signaling the end of breaks with a ring bell

  2. Relaying messages to teachers


Automated Voice Messaging

Efficient delivery of auto voice messages to hundreds of recipients simultaneously. This feature proves particularly useful for

  1. Sending fees reminders to parents

  2. Admission notification

  3. Admission confirmations.

Unified PA and Broadcasting System

Simply key in the unique extension number of the PA system using your phone. Utilize our campus communication module to easily broadcast various messages such as:

  1. Principal's message

  2. Emergency notifications

  3. National anthem.

Intelligent (IVR) system

A smart solution for parents to access information easily. By calling and entering their student ID, parents can retrieve important details about their child, including:

  1. Fees

  2. Attendance

  3. PTA schedules.

This efficient IVR system keeps parents informed about their child's education.


Staff members in the Campus have the convenience of carrying their Extensions on their Mobile Phones, regardless of their location. Whether the Principal is conducting rounds, the Teacher is in the Library, or a Staff member is in the canteen, all of them can utilize the app for various purposes.

  1. Calling

  2. Video Calling

  3. Instant Messaging

  4. File Transfer

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