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A single organization with numerous prospects.

Corporate Sales Executives

The role requires a person who can confidently engage with senior-level executives like Managing Directors, IT Managers, and CEO's. This means that the position calls for someone with outstanding communication skills and a talent for building relationships. It is crucial to effectively interact with these high-level individuals to ensure successful collaboration and meet the company's objectives. Strong communication skills are essential to convey ideas, negotiate agreements, and influence decision-making processes.

Key Responsibilities

1. Discovering potential clients and successfully securing new business opportunities.

2. Recognizing untapped markets and identifying potential business prospects.

3. Developing and delivering sales proposals, quotations, and responses to requests for proposals (RFPs).

4. Effectively managing both new and existing clients, establishing strong relationships to foster client loyalty. Regularly visiting clients, with a minimum of one visit per month.

5. Organize and prioritize prearranged meeting schedule with existing and new accounts

6. Compiling necessary reports on a weekly and monthly basis.

7. Staying updated on the latest industry information and trends.

8. Preparing monthly sales forecasts report.

Qualification Required & Experience

  • Experience building out a territory and creating new business opportunities.

  • Ability to communicate with customers in a clear, memorable, and inspirational way.

  • Highly strategic, interpersonal and analytical in nature.

  • Highly collaborative, team player, positive attitude.

  • Impeccable presentation skills.

  • Minimum Qualification : HND / Degree

  • 1 to 2 years of related sales experience

Salary (Commission Based)

  • Not less than 3,000 Ghc a month based on your total sales volume.

  • Monthly high performance rewards and incentives.

To apply send your CV and application letter to