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FNCEE CONSULT is changing this perception. We have integrated Lean Six Sigma with Machine Learning tools by covering more than 20 additional tools and algorithms to cater to business seeking candidates with Six Sigma and Data Science skillset

FNCEE CONSULT has realized this problem. We are taking a lead to change this thought process by integrating the two programs at a price you can afford irrespective of designation you are at

FNCEE CONSULT has planned to carry the participants for 5-6 months to learn together. We will have live virtual classes, availability of content on portal, individual and group assignments for every topic covered, group discussion, quizzes and finally a domain-based project. We will go at a certain pace to carry all the participants together.

FNCEE CONSULT strongly believes that data is handled by every person in professional and personal life. We assess your awareness, potential and place you at a level best suited for your learning. We do not recommend candidates to participate in this program would not add any value to his profession. Time and money are valuable to both of us.

FNCEE CONSULT commits to one capstone project in your domain apart from thorough case study assignments for every major tool covered.

FNCEE CONSULT gives you the freedom to pay as per your affordability. Our motto is not to bankrupt each other, pay one price for the complete course. You can choose your payment options the way you are comfortable with. We are 100% committed to accommodating you

FNCEE CONSULT is preparing you with various tools of Lean, Six Sigma, Machine Learning, assignments and project to face the business of your domain and ‘ASQ (American Society for Quality)’. Your knowledge and confidence are enough to achieve certification.

FNCEE CONSULT is committed to resolving this chronic problem by adding R Studio and Python to the curriculum apart from Minitab. R Studio and Python are open source applications completely free for learning and implementation purpose. We shall learn Tableau to create an interactive dashboard.

FNCEE CONSULT has planned a minimum of six months to complete a program. Concepts and application of tools for the right purpose and right time are the focus areas





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