In this age where online presence is a must for every business, creating profiles across popular social networking websites is not enough. Social media is a valuable channel that businesses can utilize to communicate with their customers to offer products/services and build a loyal following. 

Every company’s branding and tone is different, that is why their social media strategy should be tailored to revolve around those factors Fncee Consult can help businesses in strategizing social media presence to maximize results for customer service and other business goals. 

Fncee Consult’s Social Media Services can improve a company’s customer engagement and scale their social media call center operations.

 With our Social Media Services, we can help businesses measure their brand health, be able to measure their brand health, manage online campaigns, optimize marketing effectiveness, and measure social media’s impact on their call center operational efficiency.

Fncee Consult recruits, hires, trains, and manages outsourced social media managers for you who have the set of skills and expertise to deliver exceptional customer care while generating more revenue for your business. 

Social media solutions

Social Media Presence and Reputation Management

Social media plays a key role in both online and offline reputation management, and one way to keep a good business reputation is by keeping an active social media presence.

Our team of social media experts can help your business maintain a good social media presence and positive reputation

Social Media Analytics

We can help you understand how effective your social media efforts are by how it impacts your products, services, markets, campaigns, etc.

Fncee Consult can provide you with comprehensive data by analyzing thousands of social media activity in your accounts to help you improve your business strategies.

Social Media Customer Service and Brand Care

Proactively answer customer queries and concerns in real-time.
Establish Customer service presence in the Social Media sphere.
Integration with and escalation to client’s customer and account management teams

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